Asghar Farhadi cancels Oscars trip

As the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s new Oscar nominated film The Salesman, we at Hi Gloss Entertainment are both disappointed and saddened by President Trump’s executive order banning individuals from Muslim-majority countries from entering the USA. 

We are immensely proud to be releasing Mr Farhadi’s film for Australian and New Zealand audiences, and we are also proud to be part of a nation that celebrates and embraces the diversity of its people.

The Salesman has been nominated alongside four other wonderful films in the Best Foreign Language Picture category at this year’s Academy Awards, however, following Mr Trump’s announcement, Mr Farhadi has stated that he has cancelled his plans to attend the ceremony, even if exceptions are made to allow him to enter the the country.

We are in total support of Mr Farhadi’s stance on this matter. Furthermore, we believe that the circumstances that have led to Mr Farhadi being unable to attend the event with his fellow filmmakers are both unjust and a loss to the cinematic community that the Academy represents.