Detective De Luca

Hands up who can really explain what was happening in Italy before, during, and after WW2? Writer Carlo Lucarelli gives us some clues in his series of novels set in the period. Using a classic crime fiction base, Lucarelli’s character refuses to bend to political will.

Detective De Luca investigates and solves crimes in the City of Bologna and along the Adriatic coast between 1938 and 1948 with little or no regard for those in power, whoever they happen to be. His solitary, uncompromising character and his magnetic effect on women, plus the fact that he is simply a too skilled and too honest a policeman not to uncover the truth, all combine to land him in trouble from time to time.

1938 marked the height of Italy’s Fascist regime, and things remained unstable until the Christian Democrat victory of 1948 marks the end of the tumultuous postwar period. In the 4 films contained herein, you’ll see De Luca concerned simply for justice, and not for the bigger picture. A remarkable collection of vintage crime fiction tales.


DVD $34.95

2 x DVD

Language: Italian (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 4 eps x 108 min (approx)

Rating: MA15+ (Strong violence)

Year: 2008

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