Human Capital

Dir: Paulo Virzì (2013)

What is the value of a single human life?

On a wet winter night in Italy’s affluent north, a waiter is run off the road and killed, entwining the fates of two families of very different social standing. Set against the aftermath of the European economic crash, secrets are everywhere, but vanity and greed are in plain view in a world where a person’s value is measured in euros.

Based on the novel by Stephen Amidon, Human Capital is at once an engrossing murder mystery and a biting commentary on European capitalism. As the circumstances surrounding the man’s death are examined and reexamined from multiple perspectives, director Paolo Virzì maintains knife-edge tension as deceptions and cover-ups slowly give way to the truth.


DVD $29.95

1 x DVD

Language: Italian (with English subtitles)

Run Time: 109 mins

Rating: MA15+ (Strong sex scenes and course language)

Director: Paulo Virzì

Year: 2013

“An elegant Chinese puzzle of a movie, deftly constructed by director Virzì, and boosted by an array of strong performances.” 

- Mark Kermode, The Observer

“★★★★ Superbly played, designed and photographed, this is a worthy companion to Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty.” 

- David Parkinson, Radio Times

“This slick, stylish fusion of class critique and murder mystery confirms Paolo Virzì as one of Italy’s more dynamic directors.”

- Jay Weissberg, Variety