Il Cacciatore, Volume 2

“There’s a time and a place for righteousness — but Sicily in 1993 isn’t it.” Writes Dan Einav in the review of the first series appearing in the Financial Times. He goes on to describe it as “hugely watchable”, and featuring “sharply paced and ultra-stylised thrills.”

We’d say Dan’s pretty well nailed the pleasures of this exceptional mafia drama, and the second volume just goes deeper into the psyche of the hunters and the hunted. Prosecutor Saverio Barone cannot shake the guilt over the kidnapping of a young boy by the Brusca brothers. He and fellow prosecutor Carlo Mazzi are toyed with by the very highest levels of the mafia clans. But they are not giving up, not for a second.

It’s truly remarkable what level of drama plays out here, and also how much of it is based on fact. The quality of Volume One is completely unbroken here – high quality TV viewing from Italy.


DVD $39.95

3 x DVD

Language: Italian (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 8 eps x 56 min (approx)

Rating: MA15+ (Strong sex scenes and violence)

Year: 2021