Inspector Montalbano 1999 - 2011: 20 Films

Alberto Sironi

First produced in 1999, and broadcast on SBS-TV in Australia in 2003, the Sicilian TV series has kept up an enviable level of quality. Contained in this box you’ll find the first 20 films in sequence. Author Andrea Camilleri wrote the first Inspector Montalbano novel at the age of 70 – a wonder in itself. And he just kept producing them as long as his passion remained. Across the 30 years of production, the series has picked up millions of fans – a truly international phenomenon.

The perfect starting place for anyone that you know who has yet to encounter the gruff Inspector Salvo Montalbano and his long and his truly unique staff, and associates. Lockdowns have meant we can travel much less than we used to, but after watching, or re-watching a few of these films, you’ll begin to feel like you are really in Sicily. Perhaps put some nice Sicilian white wine in the fridge, and experiment with some arancini, some caponata, or perhaps a pasta Norma? We don’t all have an Adelina in our lives. But we can somehow find a way. Buon appetito!


DVD $99.95

11 x DVD Box Set

Language: Italian (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 20 eps / 2069 Mins

Rating: MA 15+ (Strong Sex Scenes, Moderate Violence, Moderate Coarse Langauge)

Year: 1999 - 2011



Volume 1 1999

Ep. 1 The Snack Thief - Il Ladro Di Merendine

Ep. 2 The Voice Of The Violin - Le Voce Del Violino

Volume 2 2000

Ep. 3 The Shape Of Water - La Forma Dell'Acqua

Ep. 4 The Terracotta Dog - Il Cane Di Terracotta

Volume 3 2001

Ep. 5 Trip To Tindari - La Gita A Tindari 

Volume 4 2001

Ep. 6 The Touch Of An Artist - Tocco D'Artisa

Volume 5 2002

Ep. 7 The Sense Of Touch - Il Senso Del Tatto

Ep. 8 Montalbano's Croquettes - Gli Arancini Di Montalbano

Volume 6 2002

Ep. 9 The Scent Of The Night - L'Odore Della Notte

Ep. 10 The Goldfinch And The Cat - Gatto E Cardellino

Volume 7 2005

Ep. 11 Turning Point - Il Giro Di Boa

Ep. 12 Equal Time - Par Condicio

Volume 8 2006

Ep. 13 Find The Lady - Il Gioco Delle Tre Carte

Ep. 14 Spider's Patience - La Pazienza Del Ragno

Volume 9 2008

Ep. 15 August Flame - La Vampa D'Agosto

Ep. 16 The Wings Of The Sphynx - Le Ali Della Sfinge

Volume 10 2008

Ep. 17 Track Of Sand - La Pista Di Sabbia

Ep. 18 Paper Moon - La Luna Di Carta

Volume 11 2011

Ep. 19 The Potter's Field - Il Campo Del Vasaio

Ep. 20 The Gull's Dance - La Danza Del Gabbiano