Inspector Soneri: Fog and Crimes, Vol. 1

Dir: Riccardo Donna

Set in Ferrara, deep in the heart of the Po Valley, Inspector Soneri: Fog + Crimes is a gritty series of crime films that originate from the pen of Valerio Varesi. It comes as no surprise to detective fiction fans that Soneri is a little world weary, a little dishevelled, but very indicative of his region. We've been spoilt with the sunshine of Sicily in the Montalbano series, Soneri works in the darker, danker nooks and crannies of Northern Italy.

This DVD set features the first 4 films directed by Riccardo Donna. Expect a level of quality on par with Montalbano in this first class series.


DVD $34.95

2 x DVD

Language: Italian (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 4 eps x 95 min (approx)

Rating: M (Mature themes, violence, drug use, infrequent course language and sexual references)


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