New instalments from some old favourites

If you've been paying attention you'll know that Un Village Francais is a completely new take on the WWII drama genre, focussing on the daily struggle of the residents of a small village under Nazi occupation. It has been a long-running hit in France and we're pleased to announce the second volume on DVD. 

The New York Times calls it “…a subtle, historically accurate but not unsympathetic look at ordinary people suddenly tested by war, defeat and enemy invasion.”

The second season of brilliant Danish drama, The Legacy, is also available now on DVD. From the creators of Borgen and The Killing, this is unique and unmissable television about a family tested by the death of their mother.

Like us, fans of The Legacy may have been under the impression that this is the final season of this exquisite program. But we may have heard otherwise.

For now though both seasons of The Legacy and Un Village Francais are available on DVD here.