Presumed Guilty (Présumé Coupable)

Dir: Vincent Garenq (2011)


 "The most stunning and tentacular miscarriage of French justice in modern times – the 'Outreau affair' – is soberly and skillfully portrayed as the horror story it is in Presumed Guilty. Philippe Torreton's central performance (he's in nearly every frame) as Alain Marécaux, a respected legal professional, husband and father whose life is shattered overnight by flawed and flimsy accusations of child rape is a draining but riveting tour-de-force... Even the most casual student of how the French and Anglo-Saxon legal systems differ will be drawn into this unsettling entry in the 'wrong man' genre."— Lisa Nesselson, Screendaily

"No addition of fictional elements could have made it any more dramatic." — Boyd van Hoeij, Variety

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Director: Vincent Garenq

Year: 2011

Language: French (with English subtitles)

Run Time: 102 mins

Rating: Not rated

"A riveting account of one man’s descent into legal purgatory...with enough breakout potential to jolt art-house audiences both at home and abroad."

- Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter


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