Death in Leon

The brutal murder of Isabel Carrasco, one of Spain’s most controversial politicians, shocked the nation. Three women were quickly arrested in what appeared to be an inexplicable private vendetta. But as the investigation developed, a deeper story of power, deceit and betrayal emerged. With unrivalled access to all the main characters, this critically-acclaimed series is a riveting portrayal of a provincial society where nothing is what it seems.

You’ve never see a court case like this one. One that begins with clearly guilty parties, but then acts to determine motives, and in doing so uncovers a host of fascinating background stories. Gripping drama torn from the reality of contemporary politics in Spain. But it could be anywhere…a universal tale of revenge.


DVD $34.95

2 x DVD

Language: Spanish (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 4 eps x 58 min (approx)

Rating: Exempt from Classification

Director: Justin Webster

Year: 2016

"A Spanish Making a Murderer."

- Fotogramas

"The most astounding Spanish series of the year."

- El Mundo