Follow The Money

A body washes ashore near a wind farm. It looks like an industrial accident but homicide detective Mads links the case to the upper echelons of Energreen, the company at the forefront of Denmark’s green energy future – and the body is not the only thing about Energreen that looks suspect.

As Mads investigates, he comes across many, both inside and outside the force, who seem desperate to see the case buried.

Meanwhile, with the company about to go public, ambitious young lawyer Claudia is promoted to head of legal, becoming a pawn in the game of Energreen’s charismatic and dangerous CEO, Sander.

Created by the co-writer of Borgen and the producers of The Killing and The Legacy, Follow the Money takes
 us into the world of economic crime, the world of speculators, swindlers and moguls.

It is a story of greed: theirs and ours.


DVD $54.95

4 x DVD

Language: Danish (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 10 eps x 57 min (approx)

Rating: MA15+ (Strong course language)

Year: 2015

"[A] gripping new Nordic blockbuster...Like a cross between Wall Street and Borgen"

- Tom Seymour, The Guardian

"Stealthily addictive...Expertly plays up differences between what we want to see and the bleaker reality...Who knew financial crime could be this much fun?"

- Sarah Hughes, The Independent UK