Inspector Soneri: Fog and Crimes, Vol. 2

Inspector Franco Soneri is a grizzled, battle-weary cop in the great detective tradition of Colombo and Kurt Wallander. He’s precise, measured, and rarely seems to actually light that damned cigar! Based in Ferarra in Italy’s North, Soneri is clearly trying to make a fresh start in life, but his focus on work pushes all other priorities aside, including his tenuous  relationship with the enchanting Counselor Angela Cornelio. Like another Italian detective we know, he likes to consider his cases at his favourite restaurant. The Volume 2 edition contains 6 feature films all set along the River Po, and all presenting challenging mysteries that Soneri and his team tackle with skill and alacrity.

Using the character adapted from the acclaimed books by Valerio Varesi (English translations on sale in Australia/NZ), these excellent detective stories present a foggy, moody, and at times inscrutable view of Italy.


DVD $44.95

3 x DVD

Language: Italian (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 6 eps x 96 min (approx)

Rating: M (Mature themes, violence, drug use, infrequent course language and sexual references)

Year: 2007

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