Line of Separation, Season 2

Germany, spring 1960.

The citizens of Tannbach who live on the border between East and West Germany have resigned themselves to a life of political absurdity: a randomly drawn border has cut the town in two. As the Prague Spring is coming to a bloody end, what little hope was left for the “socialism with a human face” finally seems to evaporate. While Anna and Friedrich are still working on building socialism in the GDR, Anna’s father Georg von Striesow is profiting from the West-German “economic miracle.”

Yet soon enough, the border in the middle of the village is claiming its first victims: A child dies in a grenade accident, Hilde falls into the clutches of the State Security Service, Anna’s son Felix flees from an NPA barracks and Georg’s soon-to-be third wife Rosemarie has a dark secret…a town on the front line of the Cold War is further torn apart by the Iron Curtain.


DVD $39.95

2 x DVD

Language: German (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 3 eps x 98 min (approx)

Rating: M (Mature themes, violence & a sex scene)

Director: Alexander Dierbach

Year: 2017

"Vaunts a classy cinematic look, from high quality lighting and production design to a sophisticated storyline... Fiction is never going to beat Italian history for sheer entertainment value."

- Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

"The team behind 1992 represents Italy's new creative class."

- Ariston Anderson, Hollywood Reporter