The Alligator (L'Alligatore)

After spending the last seven years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Marco Buratti, aka The Alligator, is back in his natural habitat, the swamps of the Po Delta in Northern Italy. Although he developed a reputation as a peacemaker during his time behind bars – befriending some of Italy’s toughest criminals –  Marco is finding that peace is harder to find out in the real world. Especially when he is called on to play the role of detective.

Based on the original crime fiction stories by maestro Massimo Carlotto, whose writing has been compared to the great American crime writers, The Alligator takes us on a gripping and disturbing journey through the backwaters of Padua. 

The latest quality crime drama from RAI and Fandango, THE ALLIGATOR proves that not all great Italian detectives hail from the south. Shrouded in fog on the breathtaking waterways of the River Po, The Alligator is a gripping crime series, but this time it’s criminals doing the investigating, not the police.


DVD $39.95

2 x DVD

Language: Italian (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 8eps x 52 min

Rating: MA15+ (Strong themes, voilence and sexualised violence)

Year: 2021