The Legacy, Season 1

An incredible manor stands about 30 minutes drive from Copenhagen. It’s home to Veronika Gronnegaard, the powerful mother, and ground-breaking conceptual artist who has raised 5 children, but one of them will only be revealed upon her deathbed. The Legacy – the manor named Gronnegaard - is what those children will negotiate and argue about in the finest traditions of Danish TV drama. Each child is a unique force with their own interests, and the tensions do not abate from start to finish over 10 episodes.

A runaway ratings success in Scandinavia last year, this exquisite conception by writer Maya Illsoe stands proudly alongside landmark dramas like Borgen and The Killing.


DVD $59.95

4 x DVD

Language: Danish (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 10 eps x 55 min (approx)

Rating: M (Sex scenes, course language and nudity)

Year: 2014

"This gripping exploration of greed, jealousy and rivalry has made it a huge success in Denmark – and for good reason... more layers than a platter of pastries"

- Andrew Collins, The Guardian

"Brilliantly done, leaving a cloud of poisonous possibility and complexity hanging in the air...intensity, intrigue, superb acting and a sheen of effortless style and chilly sophistication."

- Gerard O’Donovan, The Telegraph UK

"Complex, flawed, real characters having complex, flawed, real relationships."

- Sam Wollaston, The Guardian