Un Village Francais, Vol. 1

During the Second World War, a small town in France is under occupation. The community has to live in a world where patterns are disrupted, a world of fear and danger. Friends will be pitted against each other when they least expect it. It’s impossible to imagine what it was like to live in a situation where a deep sense of mistrust is suddenly everywhere in your life – at school, at the shops, in the town hall. This is the first long form attempt to tell the tale of the Vichy Regime that so divided the French during WW2.

The Occupation will last several years, during which the viewers share the fate of these characters, their secrets and their ability to live most difficult situations. The series evolves as we move into the heart of WW2. Each Season is a year, so as the war gets more intense, the drama gets more intense. There really is no TV series like Un Village Francais.


DVD $49.95

4 x DVD

Language: French and German (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 12 eps x 50 min (approx)

Rating: M (Mature times, violence, course language, drug use and nudity)

Year: 2009

“It’s a subtle, historically accurate but not unsympathetic look at ordinary people suddenly tested by war, defeat and enemy invasion.” 

- New York Times

"Nobody can complain anymore that there’s nothing good on television."

- New York Times