Un Village Francais, Vol. 3

It’s 1942 and the villagers of Villeneuve are now in their third year of Nazi occupation. A carriage of Jewish prisoners is brought to the village, all needing to be housed and fed, increasing tensions as it becomes clearer and clearer to the villagers exactly what the occupying Vichy forces are capable of.

Those resisting the Nazis grow more daring by the day but when a mysterious radio operator is parachuted into the village to assist the resistance, relationships are strained further. Inspector Marchetti has relationship problems of his own as he falls for one of the Jewish prisoners and considers risking his own life to save her.

As we have come to expect from this brilliant French series, nothing is ever quite as it seems - loyalties are constantly tested, allegiances shift, characters disappear and reappear. And all the while, the residents of Villeneuve must try to predict the Germans’ next move in order to stay alive. 


DVD $49.95

4 x DVD

Language: French (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 12 eps x 50 min (approx)

Rating: M (Mature themes, violence, course language and sex scenes)

Year: 2011/2012

“It’s a subtle, historically accurate but not unsympathetic look at ordinary people suddenly tested by war, defeat and enemy invasion.” 

- New York Times

"Nobody can complain anymore that there’s nothing good on television."

- New York Times