Un Village Francais, Vol. 4

Summer 1943.

The announcement of the STO, an order for all young men to be taken into forced labour, shakes France to its core.

In Villeneuve, Antoine and Claude avoid capture and flee with a small band of others, with the hope of living in freedom in the forest. However the hunger, cold and boredom of life on the run soon prove overwhelming.

The new mayor works tirelessly to support the STO and hunt the guerrillas, and though the Resistance grow bolder and bolder, the villagers seem to lose more of their liberty everyday.

But in the forest, a simple play performed by the runaways to quell their boredom will set in motion a series of events that radically changes the history of Villeneuve.


DVD $49.95

4 x DVD

Language: French (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 12 eps x 50 min (approx)

Rating: MA15+ (Strong violence)

Year: 2012/2013

“It’s a subtle, historically accurate but not unsympathetic look at ordinary people suddenly tested by war, defeat and enemy invasion.” 

- New York Times

"Nobody can complain anymore that there’s nothing good on television."

- New York Times