Wallander, Vol. 5

Inspector Wallander is a grizzled cop who has seen some tough times. But he's not fussed. He's hard as rock when it comes to the slings and arrows. Ystad is his beat, it's his whole life. Quintessential Swedish crime fiction.

Episode 1: The Troubled Man - Wallander has found a place in Linda's family, enthusiastically taking on the roles of grandfather and occasional babysitter. But when Linda's father-in-law disappears, he's drawn into a case that has its roots deep in the Cold War past.

Episode 2: The Missing - The disappearance of a girl draws the entire Ystad police force into a frantic search. When Wallander begins his own investigation, he sees frightening similarities to a case he worked on ten years earlier, which still haunts him.

Episode 3: The Betrayal - A young woman reports her mother missing. Soon after, she's found brutally murdered inside the family home. The primary suspect is the young woman's father, a motivational speaker who is in the middle of a nasty split with the mother.

Episode 4: The Loss - A young Moldovan woman is found dead at a construction site. When Wallander questions a respected doctor a little too vigorously, he gets thrown off the case. But rather than let the case go, he heads to Moldova to find the woman’s family.

Episode 5: The Arsonist - A convicted arsonist returns to his town after serving his prison term and is met with hostility from those who remember his crimes. When a kiosk in Ystad burns down and the owner is killed, he is the obvious suspect. But Kurt is unconvinced.

Episode 6: The Man Who Wept - A restaurateur is kidnapped, and Kurt is forced to work with a female colleague in Malmö to solve the case. He suspects that the police themselves are involved with the crime, but with his health deteriorating, he is forced to consider retirement.


DVD $49.95

3 x DVD

Language: Swedish (with English Subtitles)

Run time: 6 eps x 91 min (approx)

Rating: MA15+ (Strong violence and course language)

Year: 2014

"If you're a repeat Wallander viewer or reader, a different story is quite a joy... Henriksson is a pleasure to watch as Wallander: for me, he has the requisite level of weary dishevelment, crumpled in an appealing kind of way, both his clothes and face displaying the lines of a man preoccupied with greater things... Essential watching for Wallander fans."

- Vicky Frost, The Guardian